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WR9X502 WR50X10025 Refrigerator Defrost Timer & Thermostat For GE / Hotpoint

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SKU: APNWR9X502_0025_KIT    
Condition: New
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Compatible Brands:
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Replacement defrost timer used for some GE and Hotpoint refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: WR9X502, WR09X10049, WR09X0278, WR09X0283, WR09X0313, WR09X0329, WR09X0334, WR09X0339, WR09X0342, WR09X0350, WR09X0356, WR09X0363, WR09X0364, WR09X0366, WR09X0375, WR09X0387, WR09X0408, WR09X0409, WR09X0418, WR09X0419, WR09X0428, WR09X0432, WR09X0438, WR09X0466, WR09X0468, WR09X0470, WR09X0478, WR09X0479, WR09X0481, WR09X0484, WR09X0486, WR09X0487, WR09X0490, WR09X0495, WR09X0502, WR09X0503, WR09X0504, WR09X0526, WR09X0528, WR09X0576, WR09X0594, WR09X5161, WR09X5162, WR09X5163, WR09X5164, WR09X5192, WR09X5202, WR09X5204, WR09X5211, WR09X5225, WR9X10049, WR09X0369, WR09X0376, WR09X0412, WR09X0413, WR09X0414, WR09X0436, WR09X0464, WR09X0465, WR09X0471, WR09X0587, WR09X10049, WR09X5127, WR9X278, WR9X283, WR9X313, WR9X329, WR9X334, WR9X339, WR9X342, WR9X350, WR9X356, WR9X363, WR9X364, WR9X366, WR9X369, WR9X375, WR9X376, WR9X387, WR9X408, WR9X409, WR9X412, WR9X413, WR9X414, WR9X418, WR9X419, WR9X428, WR9X432, WR9X436, WR9X438, WR9X464, WR9X465, WR9X466, WR9X468, WR9X470, WR9X471, WR9X478, WR9X479, WR9X481, WR9X484, WR9X486, WR9X487, WR9X490, WR9X495, WR9X503, WR9X504, WR9X5127, WR9X5161, WR9X5162, WR9X5163, WR9X5164, WR9X5192, WR9X5202, WR9X5204, WR9X5211, WR9X5225, WR9X526, WR9X528, WR9X576, WR9X587, WR9X594, CC310, CC806, SWR9X387, SWR9X412, SWR9X413, TMDJ830RB9, 310900, AH310869, AP2061708, EA310869, EAP310869, PD00001121, PS310869, WR50X10025, 914074, AH303445, AP3190397, EA303445, EAP303445, PD00027663, PS303445.


  • Together the thermostat and timer work to monitor the temperature and turn On/Off the compressor and defrost fan motors at regular intervals.
  • Timer is set to run a 25 minute defrost cycle every 6 hours.
  • L58-30F: Open: 58 Degree, Close: 28 Degree, 30 Degree Diff. 
  • Includes Flat-style, 3/8" Tube, Mounting Clip.
  • Includes (1) (1) 4-Terminal Defrost Timer, (1) L58-30F Defrost Thermostat with Tube Mount Clip and Wire Leads.

APNWR9X502 Defrost Timer Specifications:

  • Color: White / Copper.
  • Material: Plastic / Metal.
  • Finish: Satin.
  • Electrical Specs: 120V, 60Hz, 10A, 1/3HP, 6HR/25MIN.
  • Dimensions: 2-7/8"L x 2-1/4"W x 1-1/2"H.

APNWR50X10025 Thermostat Specifications:

  • Color: Orange / Yellow / Gray.
  • Material: Metal / Plastic.
  • Thermostat Dimensions: 1-1/16" Diameter x -1/16"H. 
  • Additional Dimensions: (1) 15" lead and (1) 4.5" lead.

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