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WR30X30972 WR57X10033 Refrigerator Ice Maker & Water Valve Kit For GE / Hotpoint

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SKU: APNWR30X30972-10033_KIT    
Condition: New
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Replacement ice maker and water valve used for some GE, Hotpoint, and Kenmore refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: WR30X10093, WR30X10102, WR29X5162, WR29X0191, WR29X5007, WR29X5012, WR29X5023, WR30M0149, WR30M0153, WR30X0138, WR30X0147, WR30X0148, WR30X0159, WR30X0169, WR30X0199, WR30X0203, WR30X0213, WR30X0214, WR30X0238, WR30X0241, WR30X0259, WR30X0282, WR30X0283, WR30X0289, WR30X0290, WR30X0304, WR30X0306, WR30X0307, WR30X0310, WR30X0315, WR30X0318, WR30X0320, WR30X0327, WR30X0328, WR30X0329, WR30X10012, WR30X10014, WR30X10044, WR30X10058, WR30X10061, WR30X10082, WR30X10109, WR30X10111, WR30X148, WR30X320, WR29X160, WR29X157, WR29X10001, WR29X10080, WR29X185, WR29X0157, WR29X0158, WR29X0160, WR29X0185, WR29X20949, WR29X27993, WR30X10139, WR30X27952, WR30X28705, WR30X29421, WR30X10043, WR30X10139, WR29X191, WR29X5110, WR29X5114, WR29X5115, WR29X5119, WR29X5121, WR29X5126, WR29X5127, WR29X5144, WR29X5167, WR29X5177, WR29X5183, WR29X5189, WR29X5190, WR30X138, WR30X147, WR30X159, WR30X169, WR30X199, WR30X203, WR30X213, WR30X214, WR30X238, WR30X241, WR30X259, WR30X282, WR30X282R, WR30X283, WR30X28697, WR30X28699, WR30X28700, WR30X28704, WR30X28705, WR30X28734, WR30X289, WR30X290, WR30X29421, WR30X304, WR30X304R, WR30X306, WR30X307, WR30X30918, WR30X315, WR30X318, WR30X327, WR30X328, WR30X329, JS2, MSE1, SWR29X5110, SWR29X5114, SWR29X5115, SWR29X5119, SWR29X5121, SWR29X5126, SWR29X5127, SWR29X5128, B003BIGDJ0, RIM10093, 162D3868G010, 197D7636G006, 200D1181G011, 1399596, AH1993870, AP4345120, EA1993870, EAP1993870, PD00000998, PS1993870, WR30X30972, WR30X28702, WR29X5128, WR29X5178, WR30M149, WR30M153, WR30X30719, WR30X30919, 5304406551, 162D3868G010, 245D2613P002, 4930938, AP6891612, EAP12727331, PD00051943, PS12727331, WR57X10033, WR57X21266, SWR57X0090, SWR57X0093, SWR57X90, SWR57X93, WR57X0090, WR57X0093, WR57X0095, WR57X0096, WR57X0102, WR57X0110, WR57X10015, WR57X10034, WR57X10049, WR57X10063, WR57X10075, WR57X102, WR57X110, WR57X90, WR57X93, WR57X95, WR57X96, WV10033, 197D2845G004, 197D7845G004, IMV-469, IMV469, 914151, AH304375, AP3189335, EA304375, EAP304375, PD00001100, PS304375.


  • Spark proof ice maker kit designed to safely and effectively fit specific Whirlpool models using R600A (isobutane) hydrocarbon systems.
  • Spark Proof Safety Features include sealed micro-switches and electronic contacts, stabilized water level adjustment for accuracy, and test contacts to cycle icemaker.
  • Water valve controls the flow of water to the unit.
  • Single coil water valve with (2) 1/4" Male Terminals, 1/4" compression inlet fitting, and 1/4" quick connect outlet fitting.
  • Includes  (1) 7-Cube Ice Maker with Shut-Off Arm & Attached Guard, (3) Fill Cup Variations, (1) Additional Harness Extension, (1) Harness Clip, (1) Fill tube, Instructions, (1) Water Valve with Shield and Wing Style Bracket.

APNWR30X30972 Ice Maker Specifications:

  • Color: White / Black / Gray.
  • Material: Plastic / Metal.
  • Finish: Satin.
  • Dimensions: 10-1/4"L x 5-1/2"W x 5-1/4"H.
  • Additional Dimensions: Attached harness measures approx. 14-1/2"L; Round style harness extension measures approx. 6-3/4"L; Fill Tube measure approx. 7-3/4"L. 

APNWR57X10033 Water Valve Specifications:

  • Color: Blue / Red / Gray.
  • Material: Plastic / Metal.
  • Electrical Specs: 115V, 50/60Hz, 35W.
  • Dimensions: 4-1/2"L x 4"W x 2-3/4"H.

Compatible Models:

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