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RCO410 UHS410 Universal 1/4-1/3 HP Powerstart Relay / Capacitor / Overload

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SKU: APNUHS410    
Condition: New
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Solid-state hardstart relay, capacitor, and overload combination used for various refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: UHS410, TJ90URCO410, URC041, URCO41, URCO410, ERPU410, RCO410, URC0410, RC0410, ERP410, HS41, 32741, 965237, AP4503415.


  • Helps older compressors start and run cooler and prevents low voltage start problems. 
  • Can be used refrigeration systems with or without  a run capacitor.
  • Fits 1/4 - 1/3 HP compressors.
  • Has mounting clip for easy installation.
  • Includes (1) Relay, Overload, and Start Capacitor, (2) Female Terminals, (2) Wire Connectors. 


  • Color: Black casing with black, red, and white wiring.
  • Material: Plastic / Metal.
  • Electrical Specs: 120V, 6.8LRA, 243 - 292MFD capacitor. 
  • Wire Designations: White=Start, Black=Common, Red=Run.