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EBG61305805 DG32-00002B Oven Sensor Probe For LG / Kenmore

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SKU: APNDG32-00002BK    
Condition: New
Compatible Brands:
Compatible Brands:
Compatible Brands:
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Replacement sensor probe used for some Kenmore, LG, and Samsung oven models.

Directly Replaces: DG32-00002B, DG32-00002A, EBG61305805, EBG61305801, EBG61305804, 6322B62214A, 6322B62214B, 2087461, 4210332, AP5989951, AP4343210, EAP2567734, EAP11732697, PD00042460, PD00002020, PS2567734, PS4240743, PS11732697.


  • Senses and sends the oven temp reading to the control board.
  • Used on some gas and electric models.
  • Includes (1) Sensor Probe and 2-Wire Harness Assembly.


  • Color: Gray / White.
  • Material: Metal with plastic plug.
  • Dimensions: 3-7/8"L x 1-3/4"W x 3/4"H.
  • Additional Dimensions: Probe only measures approx. 2-7/8"L; Lead / plug measures approx. 3"L.

Compatible Models:

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EBG61305805 DG32-00002B Oven Sensor Probe For LG / Kenmore
Repair Skill Level:

2 Screwdrivers

Failure Symptoms: Uneven baking / Lack of temperature control.

How to test: The sensor can be tested by using a multimeter. As temperature rises, the resistance measurement also rises. Oven temperature problems can be caused by other things, but this is one of the more common causes.

Repair Tip: The oven sensor varies its resistance to electrical current as the temperature varies. If the oven doesn't bake evenly, the oven sensor resistance might be incorrect.
For small variations, you may be able to re-calibrate the resistance with the control board. Check the owners manual for directions on how to do this on your model.

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