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The Most Common Washing Machine Parts and What They Do

8th Sep 2016

There are many different washer dryer parts that make up the entire washer-dryer unit. A few of the parts are mentioned below.

Drain Hose

This is the part of the washer that removes water from inner tub of the washing machine. The drain hose generally measures 6” and has to be fixed firmly to the machine in order to prevent water from flowing out and flooding your house.

Water Inlet Valve

This is the part of the washing machine from where the water enters the inner tub of the machine while washing clothes.


This part of the washer is inside the inner tub. It has perforated holes that allow water to be drained out of the machine.


This is the system of three pulleys inside the washer that helps to maintain the balance of the machine when it shakes violently while washing and drying clothes. There are cables connected to these pulleys that help in maintaining the balance. When weight on one side of the machine increases, the other side pulls it down thus ensuring that the machine does not fall down.


The pump is an integral part of the washer dryer since it is responsible for re-circulating and draining the water from the machine. Generally, the top part of the pump is connected to the washer and brings in water while the bottom part is connected to the dryer and hence helps in draining the water.