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I just replaced my refrigerator water filter and now it's leaking. What's up?

Posted by Thrifty Appliance Parts on 15th Mar 2022

Why is my new water filter leaking?

There are a few reasons that your refrigerator might leak. However, if you've recently replaced your water filter, it's likely that there's a problem with the installation. If a water filter is not installed correctly it can cause an improper seal that would cause water to leak from the filter seal.

When properly installed, many water filters will have an audible 'click' to indicate the water filter has fully seated into position and the o-ring gasket is properly sealed to prevent leakage. Refer to your water filter's installation instructions to ensure you are installing it properly.

Other Reasons Your Refrigerator May Be Leaking

  • Water filter head / housing is cracked: If you find a crack in the filter head or housing assembly you will need to replace the damaged part to keep the until from leaking from the damaged area.
  • Water inlet valve is cracked, clogged, or has a loose fitting: Check your water valve for any of these issues. If you find that the screen on your water valve is clogged, you may check to see if the screen is removable. If so, you may be able to clean or replace the screen only. If you're unable to remove the screen, or if you find other damage to the valve you will need to replace the whole valve.
  • Cracked drain pan: Self-defrosting refrigerators are designed with a drain pan that collects melted water from the evaporator coils. Since the condenser fan evaporates the water in the pan, it should not overflow. However, if the pan is cracked, it will leak when the unit is defrosting. If you suspect that's where your fridge is leaking, inspect your unit's drain pan and replace if you find any damage to it.
  • Water tank is leaking: Leaks from the water tank are sometimes difficult to find, since they can be very small. However, if you suspect the tank is leaking you should carefully inspect it for a potential leak. If a leak in the tank is located the tank should be replaced.