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How To Reduce Energy Consumption In Your Home

How To Reduce Energy Consumption In Your Home

Posted by Thrifty Appliance Parts on 13th Aug 2017

Technology has invaded every area of our lives. From the businesses we frequent to the schools we attend to the cars we drive to the way we entertain ourselves, technology is everywhere, and now we use it to power our home in many ways. We run businesses from home, surf the Internet, play video games, and build smart homes. In today’s digital society, though, energy consumption in the home can get extremely expensive – and it can happen extremely fast. From appliances to electronics to toys, it all adds up to huge energy bills. Keep reading for five easy ways to reduce the energy consumption in your home and reduce and maintain control of your monthly power bills.

  • 1.Upgrade Your Appliances
    Upgrade the appliances in your home to modern, energy efficient models. You’ll see significant reduction in your energy bills and get better use out of your appliances. Look at the energy rating tags that come on new appliances. They’re usually bright yellow and tell you everything you need to know about the cost of running that appliance and the amount of energy they will use.
  • 2.Properly Insulate Your Home
    A properly insulated home saves a lot of money on energy bills. Insulate every nook and cranny of your home to avoid potential energy leaks. Start by installing weather stripping, making sure windows and doors shut tightly to prevent drafts, and making sure your attic, water heater, pipes, and furnace are properly insulated. Keep your air ducts clean and use energy efficient, fluorescent light bulbs wherever you can.
  • 3.Unplug Electric Items When Not In Use
    With the plethora of electronics and appliances in use in today’s modern homes, it can be easy to plug something in and forget about it. Make a point of unplugging smartphone and mobile device chargers, handheld electronics and video games, and small appliances like coffeemakers and blenders when not in use. When these items are left plugged into electrical outlets, they continue to draw power – and you continue to pay for that power.
  • 4.Make it a point to turn off lights in empty rooms – and tell your family members to do the same thing. Remind everyone in your home to turn off lights when you leave the house and make sure you do the same with TVs, air conditioning, computers, small appliances, and video games. You’ll save big bucks on your energy bills because those cords that aren’t connected to anything continue to draw electricity.
  • 5.Use your appliances in smart, efficient ways. Use your washer to wash clothes, but skip pre-wash and soak cycles. Use your dryer to dry clothes only when necessary. Instead, hang clothes outside in the fresh air when weather permit. Use indoor clotheslines to dry clothes whenever possible. When you do use your dryer, make sure to clean the lint filter regularly. Doing so will make your dryer run more efficiently.

The key to reducing energy consumption in your home and making the way it runs more efficient, is in the little details. Take the time to replace outdated appliances, unplug items when not in use, replace broken or outdated appliance parts, and properly insulate your home. These smart strategies will make your home more efficient and help your electricity dollars go further!