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AEZ73453509 Range Burner Knob For LG

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SKU: APNAEZ73453509    
Condition: New
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Replacement burner knob used for some LG range models.

Directly Replaces: AEZ73453509, AEZ73453508, AEZ73453502, AEZ73453528, AEZ72909002, AEZ72909007, AEZ73093308, AEZ73453503, AEZ73453514, AEZ72909001, AEZ72909008, AEZ72909013, AEZ73093307, AEZ73453501, AEZ73453515, AEZ73453520, AEZ73453521, AEZ73453524, AEZ73453525, AEZ73453526, 2347547, AP5669773, EAP7321756, PD00028417, PS7321756.


  • Gas burner knob.
  • Selects burner temperature.
  • 'D' shaped shaft insert with the flat side at the 9 o'clock position (OFF at 12 o'clock).
  • Knob selection decal shows LO, 2-8, and HI. Does not have a "SuperBoil" selection.
  • Includes (1) Burner Knob with Shaft Spring Clip.

*Some models may require the user to remove the clip inside the shaft for a proper fit. 
View Spring Clip Removal Video


  • Color: Nickel Plated Finish.
  • Material: Plastic with metal spring clip.
  • Finish: Glossy.
  • Dimensions: 2-7/8" Diameter x 2-3/8"W.

Compatible Models:

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AEZ73453509 Range Burner Knob For LG

Repair Skill Level: 1 | Beginner
No disassembly and minimal tools (if any) needed.

Part Description: The burner knob turns on and controls the heat output of the burner.

Failure Symptoms: Visible damage or excessive wear; Loose fit around the burner control switch shaft.

Bonus Tip: To keep your control panel clean, use a damp cloth and mild dishwashing liquid. You can also use glass cleaner, but don't spray it directly onto the panel. Instead spray the cleaner on your cloth before wiping the panel.

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  • Impressive

    Posted by Richie on 31st Oct 2022

    First time customer and very impressed with both the product(s) and the customer service! Part was shipped almost immediately with follow up email.

  • They work well

    Posted by Dorothy Sell on 21st Oct 2022

    They work well

  • Exactly what i needed. Homeowner

    Posted by William R Denwood on 6th Aug 2022

    Quick delivery! Packaged well, Came in excellent condition.

  • Nice replacement part

    Posted by John P on 28th Mar 2022

    Well made. Does what’s needed


    Posted by Jeff Lilly on 26th Feb 2021

    The knob was fine - however it didn't match the other knobs on my stove, even though the info indicated it was for my model. Your service was great also!

  • range buyer knobs.

    Posted by Sherry Gamble on 8th Dec 2020

    The knobs work well. But I have to commend this company on their customer service. I emailed the company of one of the burners which was damaged. Within 5 minutes of the email, I received a response with replacement. WOW!! In the future I will order from them!

  • Works perfect! super happy with the these knobs- my originals broke and these are perfect!

    Posted by Edward Lambert on 9th Oct 2020

    awesome! perfect fit and looks amazing

  • Better than original

    Posted by Penny on 20th Aug 2020

    Awesome product and very quick service! The knobs on our stove kept breaking because the shaft that connected them were made of a cheap plastic. These are metal and sturdier. The knob itself is plastic versus metal but looks fine with the original knobs next to it. The metal shaft is perfect!

  • Fits perfectly

    Posted by Sonnie on 23rd Jun 2020

    Arrived within 4 days and it fits perfectly on my range. This is much better than the one that came with my stove . Because this has a metal protection on the plastic stem.