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8181684 Washer Drain Pump Motor For Whirlpool

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Replacement drain pump motor used for some Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag and Whirlpool washer models.

Directly Replaces: 8181684, SAP8181684.


  • Motor and Impeller blades.
  • 110 Volts.
  • 85 watts replacement 75 W or 70 W.


Compatible Models:

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8181684 Washer Drain Pump Motor For Whirlpool


Repair Skill Level:

2 Screwdrivers

The drain pump removes water out of the tub through the drain hose.

Failure Symptoms: When the drain pump fails you might experience poor or no drainage, or water leakage from the the unit.

How to Test: If you're experiencing water leakage, check the pump for cracks/damage that the water is leaking from. If the bearings are worn out they can possibly be the source of the leak, so check them as well. If the pump is the source of the leak, it should be replaced.

If you're experiencing poor or no drainage, check to make sure there is nothing clogging the pump. Sometimes small pieces of clothing can get caught in the pump, preventing proper drainage. If there is nothing obstructing the pump, but still noisy during the drain cycle, the pump could be defective and needs replaced.

Repair Tip: To prevent pump blockage, use a mesh laundry to wash small articles of clothing, such as socks.

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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Works great, and cannot beat the price

    Posted by Norma on 1st May 2020

    Awesome. No problems. Part is just as specified

  • 5
    8181684 Whirlpool Washer Drain Pump Motor Replacement

    Posted by Tim Mundorff on 11th Jan 2020

    Fit the pump great and works great as well

  • 5
    Fast and Reliable Service

    Posted by Michael Mills on 7th Mar 2019

    Turns out that I didn't really need the pump at all... just the gaskets. But I rated you highly because you delivered the proper product quickly and hassle-free.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Brent on 21st Feb 2019

    I ordered this part from thrifty appliance because of the price and warrant offered. This is the third pump for my machine, the pen pump lasted about ten years, the second pump (purchased from another online retailer) lasted 5 months and after two weeks attempting to contact the company with no result I ordered from thrifty appliance. The order shipped the same day and although I paid for 2 day shipping the part was received quickly. The part works as expected and only time will tell the longevity of the item.

  • 5
    8181684 Whirlpool Kenmore Washer Drain Pump Motor Replacement

    Posted by Dave on 11th Sep 2018

    After my local appliance dealer quoted me $140 and two days to get the needed drain pump replacement I searched the internet for the part and found this one here at Thrifty Appliance Parts LLC for under $30 dollars shipped. The part arrived via priority mail in two days and was a perfect fit replacement for my Kenmore washer. No more SUDS or F21 errors and a happy wife! Thank you Thrify!